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The School Counseling Program

Symonds School offers a comprehensive school counseling program to all students. The purpose of the program is to support students' social, emotional, academic, career and wellness needs so children reach their full potential. The program achieves its goal by supporting academic curriculum and instructional processes and by delivering the following services:

Guidance curriculum in the areas of academic skills, personal and social development and career knowledge is presented to students. The counselor may teach, co-teach or act as a resource for other educators. The curriculum is developmental and based on student need.
Responsive services are provided in the form of counseling, consulting services or coordination of services to address a student's immediate needs. The counselor works directly with students, parents, and staff, or as a link to community services and resources. The purpose of these services is to share information, problem solve and develop skills. Parental permission is requested for group or individual student counseling.
Individual student planning is provided to help students with academic needs and planning. The counselor helps students manage their learning and meet competencies.
System support provides counselors with the opportunity to bring about positive change in the school by working with colleagues.
Symonds School Counseling Program is:

based on the American School Counseling Association's standards and NH Dept. Education standards
aligned with the mission of all SAU 29 school counseling programs.
managed by a certified school counselor who is a member of the SAU 29 K-12 School Counseling Team