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Grade 3

In third grade, students move from learning to read to reading to learn, with an emphasis on comprehension and vocabulary. This shift is facilitated by a core Reading program, book projects and self-selected reading.

In Spelling, a pattern based program is used to teach students the strategies required to learn how to spell. Word study, phonics and vocabulary are key elements in the program.

In Writing, third grade students are introduced to cursive writing as well as keyboarding. We spend an increasing amount of time developing and improving oral and written communication skills with a special focus on three distinct types of writing; Informative Writing, Narrative Writing, and Opinion Writing.

In Math, multiplication and division are formally taught. Other areas of focus include problem-solving, geometry, fractions, number sense, and measurement.

In Social Studies, third graders are introduced to Keene History. They also explore cultures around the world through a study of holiday traditions and celebrations.

In Science we are adopting the Next Generation Science Standards. Students at the elementary level will explore concepts in science through observation, classifying objects and organizing and manipulating data in multiple ways. This may include tools of technology as well as hands-on activities.