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Physical Education

All students participate in Physical Education twice per six-day cycle. In physical education classes, all students learn the skills necessary to perform a wide variety of physical activities. Students learn the social, emotional and physical benefits of physical activity.

The Physical Education Program is a developmentally appropriate, safe learning environment where each child feels free to explore new motor experiences and have multiple opportunities for skill practice and success. We endeavor to teach so that children love to move, value physical fitness and are motivated to participate in daily physical activity. Movement experiences are in concept and practice fun, exciting and structured to motivate children to strive for personal improvement.

For safety, enjoyment, and performance, students need to arrive for class wearing securely tied, safe sneakers, and clothing appropriate for physical activity.

On occasion, PE classes under the supervision of the teacher will walk to Wheelock Park to utilize the adjacent facilities.

Adaptive physical education is available to children who will benefit from additional physical education sessions.