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Grade 4

Fourth grade is an exciting year. Fostering independence and accountability along with providing support and challenges helps each child continue to grow and learn. Through the school-wide practice of Responsive Classroom and morning meeting, students develop a sense of community, kindness, and respect.

Our academic program encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and cooperative learning.

The Eureka Math program expands upon the development of mathematical skills with an emphasis on place value, multiplication, division, and fractions.

In language arts, students expand their oral and written skills through narrative, opinion, and informational writing pieces as well as public presentations. Reading in fourth grade focuses on the continued development of fluency, reading to learn, and reading for pleasure.

In social studies, students explore New Hampshire geography, history, and government, and in science, students investigate land and water, energy, and the human body.

All fourth-grade classes at Symonds offer flexible seating and academic choice.

Highlights of fourth grade include:
  • Fort #4
  • Concord State House
  • Montshire Museum of Science
  • Book clubs
  • Bullyproof Unit
  • Water Fair