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Special Education

Since the early 1970's, many changes have been made in laws affecting the education of children with disabilities. This is known as special education. The Federal Laws are Public Law 94-142 (the Education for All Handicapped Children Act) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The state law in New Hampshire is RSA 186:C. Here, in brief, is what these changes mean for your child.

Your child between the ages of 3 and 21 with a disability is entitled to a free public education that is appropriate to meet his/her needs.
Your child should be educated as close to home as possible with children who do not have disabilities. (This is often referred to as education in the least restrictive environment).
Tests given to your child must not discriminate on the basis of disability, racial or cultural background.
You, as the parent or guardian, can participate in making decisions about your child's education.
You must be notified in writing when changes in your child's education are being considered. You and the school are entitled to make use of an appeal when differences of opinion occur. You have the right to see your child's school records, to have them explained and to obtain copies.
Learning Center
The Learning Centers at Symonds School provide specialized services and programs for students identified with a disability and found eligible for special education. The learning centers are staffed by a team of certified special educators and paraprofessionals. There are several large and small instructional spaces throughout the school that are used for learning center services. The learning centers at Symonds are each affiliated with specific grades.

We strive to be responsive, collaborative and inclusive in our delivery of supportive services. We value a structure that supports the whole child and therefore meets them where they are and takes them forward from that point at a pace that is tailored to their learning needs. We believe that learning is social and that individualized education programs can only be fully implemented bearing that in mind. Maximizing time with typical peers in class and throughout the school, with support from professional staff is a priority.

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